How to Recover a Hacked Plugin

A hijacked WordPress site or plugin can significantly harm your company's revenue and reputation. An attacker can obtain user information, passwords, install harmful software, and even infect your users with malware. So in this article, I will show you some steps on how to recover a hacked plugin.
It's important to remember that malicious actors rarely aim for a plugin hack as their ultimate goal. The steps for recovering a hacked plugin are as follows:

Activate the Maintenance Mode.
It is better to take a hacked plugin or website offline to ensure that the hackers no longer have access. It also protects your Google ranking as well as your visitors, who may become affected simply by visiting your website. Go to your admin panel and activate maintenance or management mode. In this manner, until you figure things out, visitors will see a notification regarding regular maintenance.

Passwords Should Be Reset
You have no way of knowing which credentials the attacker used to gain access to your website. It might have been your hosting provider's account password, the WordPress dashboard password, or the database password. To prevent further exploitation, you must reset them all.

Delete any plugins you aren't using.
Because WP plugins are vulnerable to a variety of attack vectors due to security flaws, it's best to delete any that aren't needed. The threat of exploitation will be reduced as a result.

Always check for Malware on Your Website.
It is highly recommended to run a malware scan with an excellent security plugin and remove any bugs found. In the aftermath of hacks, malicious code and backdoors are frequently stored on websites, these are the following steps you must take when checking for malware on your website

-Check to see if the hacker got in through a plugin; malware is frequently found in the plugins folder. Reinstall the plugins after safely deleting the folder containing the infected plugins.

Create a Backup Plan
Before making any changes to your website, we recommend that you make a recent backup of your website. If something goes wrong, you'll still be able to access all of your files and content. You may restore your site with only one click by using Backup & Restore in the control panel. Manual backups of your webspace and database are also possible.

I'm sure you now understand the process on how to recover a WordPress plugin that has been hacked and infected with malware in this article. WordPress is the most widely used content management service in the world. Regrettably, this means that it is extremely popular among hackers.