How do I validate my domain?

How do I validate my domain?

The domain must be confirmed before an SSL certificate can be installed. There are now three ways of verification available:

a) Administrator Email: This is done by going to,,,, or and clicking on the verification link issued by the certificate authority.

b) File Upload: This is accomplished by transferring a ".html" file to the server/account. The certificate authority will send you an email with the filename and contents of the HTML file, as well as instructions.

c) TXT Record: This type of verification is accomplished by adding a TXT record to the domain's DNS. The certificate authority will supply the content of the record.

For each of the procedures listed above, the certificate authority will send an email message including all of the information needed to complete the verification as well as a specific activation link that must be utilized after making the necessary adjustments to the certified domain.

If you have any problems with this process, please contact us via email at for more assistance.